For Lovers and Adventurers


Julie Trinh Photography strives for absolute creativity and never generic storytelling. A picture is worth a thousand words, but what about an album? That’s pretty much a whole story and I intend to help you unfold the story of your love and marriage, packed with passion, adventure, and even a little mystery. Not to worry, I’ll take the few poses needed to capture the essential formality of weddings, but they will not intrude on the epic narrative that you want to tell.

Epic Romances

The wedding is a celebration of your love and marriage and the focus should be all about you two. Therefore, the portrait sessions are essential alone and together both before and after the ceremony.

Spontaneous & Genuine

The days of selfies and staged photos are of the past. Candid photos capture the true chemistry and love between you two. My job does not rest outside the staged setting. Every moment leading up to and leaving from the celebration will be captured in a candid and effortless fashion while still executing clean composition and non-clutter. There will be no open mouths, alien red eyes, awkward faces or bad angles.

Little Details Big Moments

Details, such as beautiful flowers and crafted centerpieces are important components of any wedding. At Julie Trinh Photography, I take pride in capturing all your essential “little moments” in a creative and visually stunning style that reflects the personalities of the bride and groom.

Special day with loved ones

Whether you have been friends from the beginning of time or at just the right time, your best friends are a crucial part of your life. They will help shape who you are and will be there for you at every important milestone, including your special day. Your families and friends will be your witnesses during your wedding day; therefore, it is equally important they be captured and remembered for a lifetime.

Mystery of the night

The toughest photos are taken at night, but this challenge can make the photo more memorable. After the party starts and the formalities of the night come to a conclusion, there’s a grand opportunity where couples can sneak away for a few minutes and capture some great night shots.

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